Monday, March 17, 2008

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Butch Harmon relived himself of his coaching duties from John Daily as JD was disqualified from Arnold Palmer Open for missing the pro-am tournament today. Daily claims he thought his tee time was in the afternoon rather than the scheduled 9am. Harmon stated that Daily doesn't care about the game only about getting drunk. Tiger Woods tied a record for the largest margin of victory (8 & 7) in the finals of the match play format. After surviving two challenges on the way to the finals Woods was 12 under over the 29 holes including 14 birdies and en route to winning the tournament for the third time. Now the question becomes, is it either POSSIBLE or PROBABLE that Tiger wins the Grand Slam to go along with his “Tiger Slam”? Right now there is not one player who can contend with him but remember all it really takes is one round of 75 over four tournaments to take it away from him. Can it be done?

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