Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is this US Ryder Cup Team sailing into disaster?

This is the longest hitting team that the US has ever sent to the Ryder Cup which may be exactly what the Europeans were hoping for because if there was one course in Europe that is not forgiving to those who frequent the shank or hook, it’s Celtic Manor. So will the American team be able to keep it on the fairway and should they sacrifice some distance to do so? If the practice round was any indication it appears they will. Dustin Johnson, as long as anyone at the Ryder Cup, only hit driver off the tee on the par 5s during his practice round Tuesday. As for the rough, he described it as so deep that anything more than a 6-iron away, he would not be able to get it on the green. Although the US are the defending champs they are slight underdogs in the fourball and the overall tournament as well, so it’s not just Tiger who has something to prove to the fans across the pond. Keep in mind how much international tournaments help US fans forget one’s shortcomings (ask Kobe Bryant) whose stock took a meteoric rise after the US “Redeem Team” took the Gold Medal in Shang Hi with Kobe as the team’s MVP, he came home to a much different reception and all of the sudden the endorsements came back. This could be TW’s time to start working his way back up that hill, conversely, a bad showing will only further his plummeting stock. The team has already had its share of disfunctionality with the caddie fiasco when 3 caddies were asked to take a separate flight due to an overcrowded private plane, and the caddies of the captain’s picks were asked to volunteer. Rest assured Cory Paven will earn his paycheck if the US can hold the cup because the pairings will make all the difference and it will be no easy challenge to put together a winning combination. Obviously the talent is there but the challenges of getting the team to play together when needed and getting the ‘go to guys’ take care of their business in match play will make the difference. The rain has rolled in and made the rough and hazards and absolute nightmare, so it will come down to the basics of hitting it far and straight. The odds makers don’t think this is right team to carry the flag but they just might surprise you. How do you think Tiger will play and will the US carry the Cup? Who will be the MVP of this year’s team? Let us know here and in any of the quick links. Also chat live with fans on both sides of the pond in the Ryder Cup Chat room.
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