Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rory’s dominance starts the Tiger talk

Two months at Augusta Rory McIlroy was the talk of the tournament, not because of how impressive he was in victory but how monumental was his collapse, would he ever be able to recover from the triple-bogey that gave up all of his lead, and would he ever be the same. Two months later McIlroy is the talk of the tournament again but this time because of his wire-to-wire dominating win at Congressional, and yes I think it would be safe to say he did recover but I would not say he will ever be the same. Now he’s the youngest since Tiger to win the Open, set a course record in the process, and at 22 is being compared to the greatest to ever play the game. After 1.5 great performances over the last two majors is this too much ‘street cred’ for the youngster? There is great potential there there’s no doubt about that but the comparisons to the heir apparent might be a little unjustified. Like Woods, McIlroy was a child golf prodigy and like Woods, he's off to an early majors start, but that’s where they should end until Rory can prove he’s not just a one-hit wonder or one year wonder. I saw this with Jim Courier in tennis, even in golf when Sergio Garcia took Tiger out at Little Big Horn in the showdown, people were talking about turning the reigns over and Sergio has yet to win a major. So before we send the crown across the pond let’s see how things play out a bit. However it does set up a great showdown / rivalry when the cat (Tiger) comes home. If we can’t get Mayweather vs. Pacquiao this will have to do.

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