Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is the table set for Tiger to make a Major comeback?

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We saw the patented Tiger uppercut and fist pump for the first time since he wore his driver on his head a few years ago and now pundits wonder if the striped one is back. Captain Jack said it was the best shot he’s ever seen on his course because of the consequences that would have accompanied failure and that may the shot that marks his return. It will certainly be a historic focal point if that proves to be the case but the real test will be if Tiger can take another step to catch up to Jack on the only stage that matters, the Major stage, and this weekend may be one of the better opportunities to do it IF he brings his ‘A’ game, and his driver. Olympic sets up to be one of the longest courses in PGA history which should suit Tiger’s game just fine. The first six holes go 520, 428, 247 (par 3), 438, 498, and 489 respectively and they are all Par 4s except for one. Add the Boardwalk and Parkplace, back-to-back par-5s at 16 (670 yards the longest in PGA history) and 17, and you’ve got a course that should be Taylor Made (no pun intended) for Tiger seriously start seeing red, numbers that is. Conversely if the Tiger of the past two years shows up and starts hookin’ and a shankin’ then it could be a very long weekend and sadly speak he may even be home in time to catch the end of the Group stage of the World Cup as he won’t make the cut. However I would think that playing so close to his old stomping grounds at Stanford, in good No Cal weather, and a very long course we may see make his first Major move in years and Jack may turn out to be a prophet.

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